Lobe Wonder

Lobe Wonder

$ 7.50

Lobe Wonder

Lobe Wonder

$ 7.50

Lobe Wonder Ear Lobe Support Patches

Lobe Wonder, also known as EarLift, is helping thousands of women with the problem of torn and damaged ear lobes. Lobe Wonder provides relief to women who suffer from the unsightly enlargement of earring holes, a problem caused by heavy earrings. Just as important, Lobe Wonder helps protect healthy ear lobes against tearing from the weight of earrings. Lobe Wonder is an undetectable clear patch that is applied to the back of the ear lobe. When pierced by an earring, the patch bears a major part of the earring weight, relieving the ear lobe of the pressure.



  • Light and flexible Lobe Wonder allows women with torn piercings to wear earrings at the top of the holes, by supporting the weight from behind the lobe. Since earrings no longer rest on the bottom of the holes, further tearing is inhibited.




  • Lobe Wonder helps protect healthy ear lobes from tearing and allows women to wear earrings in comfort for longer periods of time.



Lobe Wonder Ear Lobe Support Patches For Earrings - 60 Single Use Patches

Earrings weighing your lobes down? Get rid of discomfort and worries caused by enlarged earring holes with
Lobe Wonder! Our transparent hypoallergenic earlobe patches disguise torn or stretched lobes and provide reliable weight-bearing support to protect ears against further stretching or tearing. Give your favorite earrings a second chance with Lobe Wonder and enjoy more comfort and confidence.
Perfect For Any Earring Size or Style

Lobe Wonder patches fit snugly and securely around the earring post, preventing ear lobes from stretching or tearing. Despite being flexible and lightweight, these patches are strong enough for the heaviest of earrings.
Gentle, Non-Surgical Alternative

Unlike expensive plastic surgery, Lobe Wonder patches are a practical, affordable, non-invasive solution to visibly eliminate the look oof damaged lobes and protect against further tearing of earring holes. Made with hypoallergenic, medical-grade, and latex-free adhesive.

Easy To Use, Superior Support

Clear and undectable. Lobe Wonders are a breeze to use. For optimal results:

  • Ensure earlobes are clean and dry
  • Apply the clear hypoallergenic patch to the back of the ear lobe
  • Push the earring through piecing and patch to ensure an invisible, supportive hold
  • Remove earrings and disposablepatches at the end of the day.
  • Clean lobes to avoid adhesive residue
  • Use fresh Lobe Wonders every time you wear earrings